Senin, 14 Februari 2011

fly with style

It's Tuesday already! What do you call the day after Valentine's Day? Apparently the birthday of prophet muhammad. happy Maulid Nabi muhammad SAW day 12 rabiul awal 1432H.

last night im so bored. freaking bored! my mind said "why not take a photo in this room? make some noise"
yesssssssssssssss! good idea..

why it's never cross my mind before? hmmm...
akhirnya gua langsung semangat kegirangan. asik asik asik asik!!!

pas gua siap siap, strange sound in the closet! deg-degan deh nih serius. kagetttttttt!!!! APA ITUUUUUUUUUUU!!

pas gua buka...... eh tikus ^^v
oke lanjut ya. So I grab my costume and walaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! watch this :D

thanks you *kisses and hugs!!!!

Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

hear this! awesome!


three cover of my fave

rihanna ft drake - what's my name (cover)

jessie j - price tag (cover)

katy perry - teenage dream (cover)

dear hannah, im your biggest fans :kiss&hug: